Denise Palmieri

born in São Paulo, Brazil

2011 Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts, University of Fine Arts São Paulo

2011 & 2012 Assistant of the Brazilian artist Lenora de Barros
2012 participation in an artistic residency, Gallery Brick House, São Paulo
since 2013 "Performance" studies, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Her work is plural, going through Installation, Performance, Photography, Video and Mixed media. In her early works she used mostly texts from literature as an inspiration and a tool in her work. Then the body became frequently present. Its fragility, strength, shape, transformation and many other attributes are always themes for her performances.



For Caught in the Act Denise brings the performance Resilience. The action consists in the performer submerging a white sheet into a liquid plaster and then covering herself with the sheet soaked with plaster. It dries with the performer in it. After a certain time the mold is emptied, but conserving the shape of the body.


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